What needs to be changed in Episode ASP!

First off, the authors should have the right to out how many gems, they want their readers to spend. Instead of having them spend huge amounts of gems for no reason.
Second, we need plus size men. I feel like they are being left out. If they made plus size women they should make plus size men as well.
Third, we need more music to our collection to use.
Forth, more animations for both men and women, and animals.
Fifth, more props to use as weapons or foods. Like come on. We have a variety of fruits we eat besides an apple.
Sixth, plus size characters should have the right to wear whatever they like, not only be selected to wear a few certain clothes.
Seventh, more hairstyles please!
Finally, last but not least, please let the new comers have access to any story they want to read. Instead off you guys selecting the stories for them.
That is all, please Episode, this needs to change once in for all. If you need help, hire me. :sweat_smile:


Hey NightJ18,

The authors already have this right. They can decide themselves, which amount of gems they want for their readers. (5 until 23 gems.) The amount of gems is how the authors can get a better place on the shelves.
For the rest I totally agree with you. Like give us some male plus size characters!! And I would like to see cats. (Not those cats in a handbag.) But like tigers or panthers (for those fantasy stories with were-cats :wink: )

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No more glamorized mafia stories and toxic men. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:


But they are already working on all of these. I hate to defend Episode, but it’s not like items magically spawn in the portal out of no where. It takes time to create these things, and even more time to test them apparently. It took years to release the female plus size body type, so expect the same amount of time for the male one. The limelight wardrobe we have today didn’t appear overnight, it took years to build up. Expect the same amount of time for the plus size wardrobe too. Hairstyles and animations are always in development, they just take longer to come out. Episode doesn’t always announce stuff they’re working on behind the scenes, probably not to cause any hype, because like I said these things take ages to release. I know it’s frustrating to see some of these items in their featured stories, yet we still get scraps for community stories. But we can only be patient. I’m sure they’ll eventually come all out.


OMG yess!! I totally agreee

We should also be able to preview the music and sound effects!
(Sorry, this is solved. I’m just dumb…)

Also, shopping bags for men!

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You can.

I agree. I have a deep dislike for mafia stories. There is just no appeal to me.


How? Where? I need to know… :sob: :sob: :sob:

OMG I’m so dumb! Why didn’t I think to click on the play button!
Thank you my darling :cry: :cry: :cry:

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You’re welcome! :joy:

It’s not that all the Mafia stories are toxic…Read Mafia’s Lost Angel and Mafia’s Fallen Angel (LL) by ellazeg and you’ll know why…I am not a fan of mafia stories too but these two are something else…:relieved: