What netflix/hulu shows and movies would you recommend?

Some of my favorites are scream queens (hulu), the vampire diaries (netflix), chilling adventures of sabrina (netflix), you (netflix), the office (netflix), awkward (hulu), too hot to handle (netflix), & the society (netflix). These are all shows btw :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lucifer (Netflix), Shadowhunters (hulu), The Witcher (Netflix), The Umbrella Academy (Netflix), The Originals & Legacies (if you haven’t already [Netflix])


If you like thrillers I recommend “We need to talk about Kevin” I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called, I really liked it.

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I’m not sure if these shows will be on your netflix as i think its different in different countries anyway these are some i recommend with a short description of them.

The 100

So basically the world ended decades ago and the rest of the human race lives in space but they were running out of oxygen so they sent 100 teenage juveniles to the ground.

Genre- Dystopian/sci-fi

The office

There are two versions of this show one is the US version and then there is the original UK version.

I personally like the US version better even tho im british :joy:

It’s a “documentary” about a small failing paper company in Scranton.

Genre- Comedy.

(its probably my favorite show)

Once upon a time

So in this basically the evil queen set a curse that took all the fairy tale characters to our realm where they forgot who they were.

Genre- Sci-fi/Fantasy/Adventure.

Brooklyn 99

This is by the same dude who made the office (US)

Its basically about an immature detective in Brooklyn and it follows his squad and their new captain.

Genre- Comedy

The good place

This is by the same dude again who made the office (US) and Brooklyn 99.

It’s hard to explain what this is about so I would recommend watching a trailer :joy:

Genre- Comedy

The maze runner sequel.

So this is kinda self explanatory really :joy:

They get trapped in a maze.

It has dylan o brien in it sooo if thats not enough to watch it you are crazy ma’am.

Genre- Dystopian/ sci-fi

Teen wolf

A teenager gets bitten and becomes a werewolf.

Again it has dylan o brien in it :wink:

Genre- Idek, Drama i think?

I’ll add more later.

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Have you seen riverdale?

jane the v*rgin


I definitely recommend Supernatural (it’s a lot. Has 15 seasons, but it’s good.) I also would recommend The office (it’s hilarious, I literally cry of laughter while I watch it.) And also my last one that I love is Game of Thrones (it has this ancient vibe but it’s good as you pay attention and etc. Lol that’s a lot. Anyways follow me on @queen_Phoenix30. ALSO CHECK OUT MY STORY “OverDosed”:bangbang:

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The order (season 2 just came out)
Lucifer (season 5 coming on August 21)

Brooklyn 99 (netflix)

Dexter, That 70s show, S*x Education (it’s very vulgar but I loved the show so much!), The Office (a classic), Parks and Rec, and a show called Parasyte. These are all on Netflix!

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Omg a fellow episode-ian that likes The Umbrella Academy! :joy:

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The Umbrella Academy
Pretty Little Liars (It might be removed off Netflix in some countries but it’s on hulu)
Outer Banks
Teen Wolf
The 100
13 Reasons Why

They’re my favourites but there’s tons more :slight_smile:


The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Legacies - Those are sequels I reccomend watching them in that order, but you don’t have to.

Greys Anatomy, Lucifer, Marvels Runaways, h20 just add water, Jane the Virgin

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all from netflix lol
stranger things, the umbrella academy, you, the society, degrassi: next class


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  • Elite
  • Money Heist
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  • Lucifer
  • Dynasty
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Gossip Girl
  • The Society
    All of them are on Netflix

I love Lucifer and The Umbrella Academy! I like Grey’s Anatomy, Outer Banks, The Office, and Person Of Interest, they are all on Netflix


if you’re into kdramas i would watch Crash Landing on You or ITaewon Class : )


I recommend:
the 100 (Netflix)
Élite (Netflix) it’s a little inappropriate

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the society and control z are super underrated!! here’s my brief desc of them ehehe

the society:
a bunch of teens have to rebuild their own society: everything else seemed to has vanished except for their town and the teens of that town. from choosing who’s going to lead, to how food will be rationed, i love this show from the bottom of my heart; please check it out!

control z:
everyone’s secret is being exposed, leading to fights, families going to jail and guns within the student body. who is the mastermind of this? the main character is super cool too!; please watch (it’s in Spanish tho)