What netflix/hulu shows and movies would you recommend?

the good place and i am not okay with this , both on netflix !

Hi! I love Chilling adv of Sabrina too! I advice you Slasher on Netflix if you like thrillers (but I have to warn you it’s a bit gore!)
I also like American Horror Story and The Good Place. :black_heart: :heart:

I have but to me only season 1 was good

I’m watching the originals right now but I don’t plan on watching legacies lol. Have you seen all of them?

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I love Degrassi & You!!! You have good taste


lol thank you :heartbeat:

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Yes, I have seen all of them :sob:

Legacies isn’t as good as The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, so I understand why you don’t want to watch it.

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Yes and the fact that the original characters aren’t in it

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Freya from The Originals was in Legacies for one episode!!

Matt and Jeremy from Tvd were in there for one as well :sob: did you watch The Vampire Diaries as well? Because that one’s the best.

Kai was in there for about 2 episodes :sob:

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Yeah but it sucks not having characters that your most familiar with. And yes I did watch TVD lol

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Peaky blinders - Netflix
When calls the heart - Netflix
The stranger NOT stranger things - Netflix

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Merlin as well on Netflix

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