What on Earth Am I Here For?

I thought most of you think that What is your REAL PURPOSEin this Planet?. Why is the REASONS why Am I here? well, i have a thought same as you buddy! but I want to know what is your own vision in life and your own interpretation and perspective in your life. so free to share your opinion and reactions!
Sorry for my poor English guys! because I’m trying to do my best to learn English even I am a Filipino.

For a long time, wondering what’s the point of it all would keep me up at night. A few years ago, I finally came to terms with my atheism, so I no longer believed a higher power was controlling things. In the past year, I’ve learned about existentialism, which I subscribe to pretty closely now. For those of you that don’t know, existentialism is basically the idea that there is no inherent meaning to the universe, but each member of humanity can create their own meaning.
(I’m also a Marxist, which technically somewhat contradicts existentialism in thought, but there are some great reading materials out there that make sense of bridging the gap between the two, especially Jean-Paul Sartre’s work. Search for a Method is great for beginners, and Critique of Dialectical Reason is more advanced.)