What people think about Malaysian? And what is your opinion?

Hi, I am going create a story about a Professional Artist form Malaysia and he was a Malaysian too. And She falls in love with a American and she was stuck in America cause Pandemic of a weird zombie viruses.

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Malaysia has got to stop cutting down its rainforest

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If you are going to write about a Malaysian, you have to keep in mind that being a Malaysian doesn’t have to do with race. Malaysia is made up of Malay, Chinese, Aboriginal and Indian populations so first thing first, what is your character’s race? Being Malay, Chinese, Aboriginal or Indian AND being a Malaysian, we will have different upbringings, stereotypes, cultures, and language. What we do agree is that we speak Malay in the local parts and Singlish (Combination of English + Hokkien + Malay) in the city. The first thing that happens when people approach us is to guess our nationality through the colour of our skin. If you are a Malay, outsiders think we are Indonesians or Arabs at first. For Chinese, from China. Aboriginals, outsiders think you don’t fit anywhere and assume you still live in trees. For the Indians, it’s India. Do know we feel VERY OFFENDED if you say that we come from any of these countries. So you might want to add that component when other characters assume they come from this country (Just an idea).

As for an outsiders view, not sure but people do think I come from trees because I live on the western side of Malaysia (WE DO NOT), love to use up resources even though it’s the Western companies that come to loot what we have and feel amazed to know that we speak multiple languages with the perfect pronunciation (Not sure about that though people have complimented me about it). I guess people just don’t think too much about us. We aren’t special, our politics is a huge chaos and we are ranking in COVID cases like nobody else (government has given up on us due to imbalance in power).

So maybe the answer to your question is…
They don’t give a f*ck if you are Malaysian? People just see you in a different light from the concrete stereotypes of your race. We like it this way and we are grateful for it.


Yes, I know I am a Indian

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No, bad words allow.

I completely agree with you. Just because I am dark skinned (I live in Malaysia and I am an Indian) doesn’t mean that I’m a :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: criminal. People are even afraid to come near 'cause they’re afraid that I’ll steal something.
They take one look at my skin. And they will start spreading rumours. I’m grateful for being born in Malaysia. So don’t judge me by my skin tone :triumph:.

If you want to make a traditional character make sure that you do it correctly. You know for example the cultural dress code and stuff like that.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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