What percentage of a salad should be lettuce?

  • Less than 25% (I don’t know what a salad is)
  • Less than 50%
  • 51% - 70%
  • 71% - 80%
  • More than 80%
  • 100% (I also don’t know what a salad is)

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Trying to prove a point to the food truck guy who charged me $10 for a plate of cheese and tomatoes on top of 3 shreds of lettuce.



I thought you’re not suppose to put lettuce in your salad unless you want your salad to taste like water…


W…what do you make salad out of…?


Anything besides lettuce and cabbage.



How do I block people on here




Like 50 percent lettuce and 50% of all the other crap you want in there?
depends on the kind of salad tho…


Potatoes, carrots, peas and whatever Russian salad has?


50% lettuce
50% not lettuce


Letuce and other…leaves should make up the majority of your salad.


I’m a 100% kind of girl :joy: :joy: :joy:


No cabbage, carrots, croutons, cheese, tomatoes, or dressing???


oh I didn’t know we counted dressing. then, it’s more like 95%. just lettuce and dressing. I like the occasional tomato, but more on special occasions :joy:


How? Only lettuce and dressing? and an occasional TOMATO?


I like my salads with mixed greens for lettuce. I like to include tomatoes, avocado, cheese, croutons, sometimes I like to put peppers and even chicken. AND then dressing. My favorite kind of cheese to put is goat cheese or parmesian.


I usually substitute spinach for lettuce but the sentiment remains that the leafy greens should make up about half the salad.