What (personal-) features would you like to have in a story? [Poll]

I do have a lot of ideas to add to my stories, I can add them quickly, but I’m not sure if I want to add all of these ideas in one story, so I want to know which of these seem to be the most popular and exciting to the readers.

Here’re my ideas:

  • Pronoun option (she/her; he/his; they/them (Probably also separated, for more variety))
  • MC (visual) body type option (male; female)
  • Outfit style preference (For choices during the story - replacement for a closet)
  • Skills and abilities (Just for more personality)
Which is your favorite?
  • Pronoun option
  • MC (visual) body type option
  • Outfit style preference
  • Skills and abilities

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Or let me know if you have any other great ideas.

(CC is already included in the story.)




Chosing a life interest. Not just the same bad boy that’s so full of himself


Interesting idea, but I don’t write romance stories

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