What ‘phase’ did you go through that makes you cringe now?



Few years ago, I had this ‘emo/scene’ phase (WHO REMEMBERS THE MYSPACE/TUMBLR DAYS SLKAKSKSKSKSK) and also this anime phase I was so obsessed with Hatsune Miku and Sailor moon (not gonna lie I still listen to the music and watch the animes here and there and I still kinda dig em)

Now when I look at the pictures I took at that time I just die inside oof

(Btw DISCLAIMER: I hope none of this offends anyone, I know that not everything is a phase and there are people who truly enjoy these things and have been like this for their whole life, I’m just curious to know if anyone has gone through a certain phase!)


Weeaboo/otaku phase :expressionless::expressionless:


I have gone through the punk/skater/goth/prep+more stages and now that I am older I feel that I have let a lot of it go and only kept hold of the positive aspects of each one over time. Personally, I don’t regret any of it and had some of the best times in my life during these “phases”. :smiley: I can only hope everyone else has the fun and positive experiences that i was lucky enough to have. :metal:



Yeah I admit I was a little too much obsessed with Barbie dolls (I even loved pink colour that time, ew! LOL no offense to others). But I came outta that Phase when I fell in love with Marvel Universe! :yellow_heart:


You have inspired me!


I think I’m in that goth/punk/skater stage now OOF, but I actually like it a lot and it’s something I’ll never change. It’s cool to know that someone has been through that kind of thing!

Yeah I agree, the phases were actually fun and you get to meet nice people who had similar interests


Don’t get me sTARTED


I just wanna shout –

Meryl Streep, you rock the world! :yellow_heart:


Omg yessssss!!!


idk if its a “phase” but i used to absolutely love country music especially carrie underwood and taylor swift, etc


Hhhmmmmmmmn I guess that’s a phase I’m not sure tbh


Lol don’t get me started :joy::joy::joy:


I was the serious type. Binge watched Vampire Knight in one day :joy::joy:


I dunno how you did that smh

I used to make these mangas (they weren’t even good, just stick figures with giagantic weapons, weird costumes and long hair) and like in middle school I would try to sell them for a dollar and someone actually bought it LMAO


That is a business I should have got involved in :joy:


yEESS, it was actually fun


the neo-conservative jew phase

oml someone help tragic 10-year-old me


I was OBSESSED with One Direction when I was 10. I had a duvet, pencil case, schoolbag, t-shirts, folders… :scream: Tbh, I can still recite some of their old lyrics by heart but my music taste has changed drastically since then bahaha


Was and still am in an Episode phase ;-;


Me too :smile:

I have used this app for agess (I love it too much!!)