What phone is best?

Which iPhone is better from the first to the last? Share your thoughts. Also what iPhone do you have or do you just have a Samsung or something I have never hear of. As I said before share your wonderful thoughts.

I personally have an iPhone 7 plus and soon to be getting the iPhone 11 pro max

I’ve got the 6s and I honestly can’t be bothered to get an upgrade :joy:

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iPhones below 7. I have an iPhone 7 and now I can’t listen to music and charge at the same time. No thank you :triumph: and also, in those jazzy new iPhones- no. I want the home button back :pensive: I don’t have time to swipe in a specific angle or direction just to get to the home screen.


I got an iPhone 7.

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i have iphone 8. everything below iphone 7 doesn’t have enough storage

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iPad 12 inch pro my personal fav obvi not a phone but phones are genrally useless my opinion tho :relaxed:

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I use an iPad pro and it is frustrating since I recently moved on from an iPad air 2 and the lack of home button is aggravating and hard to get used to


I had an LG Stylo 2 Plus. But I’m gonna upgrade to a Xiaomi soon to replace my broken one. I used to have an Iphone 5, but it’s so outdated I can’t use it anymore :joy:

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