What POV, format and verb tense is best for an Episode story?

There are a lot of POVs in Episode stories, but which one is best?

Like, would you rather have “I was tired (first person)”, “She was tired (third person)”, or “You were tired (second person)”?

Also, which choice format is best? For example, if your choice is choosing between telling someone you’re happy or sad, would the choices be: "Tell them you’re happy/sad (as in saying what the action would be) or would it be “I’m happy/sad (as in saying what the character would say)”

For narrating, let’s say that in narration, you’re saying that you felt happy. Would it be like “I felt happy (past tense)” or “I feel happy (present tense)”?

Sorry if this is confusing to read lol, but if you get it, can you do this poll?

  • I was tired
  • She was tired
  • You were tired

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  • Tell them you’re happy/sad
  • I’m happy/sad

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  • I felt happy
  • I feel happy

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This is so confusing to read tho :sob:
Why are there so many voters already this thread has more action than my social life i swear


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