What programs.software do people use?

When creating covers and other art, what software are people using?
I’ve only made 2 covers so far using Microsoft word and paint (it’s surprising what you can do ha ha ha)
but it can be limited. what do you guys use?

pixlr and ibis paint x

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For covers I generally use the program Paint .NET. For art, I generally use paint tool sai or autodesk sketchbook.

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Thanks guys :smiley:


Tbh, it depends what I want my cover to be like. If I want a more simple cover with maybe an image and some text, I would use the website Canva. But, to add details or do more complex cover art, I tend to use Krita (but you have to download it). Hope this helps :blush:


Ibis paint x or sketchbook

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i use PicsArt religiously, especially for cropping, and pixlr for fonts


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me how to get rid of thw background on a overlay. I’ve been trying to make my own overlay but my problem is that everyone when I remove the background using Microsoft word, it still has a white background when I upload it to Episode.

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I could fix that for you if you want, just send me the overlay <3

Hi thank you, I haven’t got an overlay that I need right now but thank you for the offer :slight_smile:
I was just curious as when I tried to make one the other day for a story. I ended up cheating in the end pasting the background I wanted.

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Oh ok :slight_smile:

For my edits and stuff, I like to use either Pixlr online editor for my covers, or Paint 3D for my edits.:blue_heart:

I use an online program called Photopea. It’s very similar to photoshop and it’s free.

I use MediBang Paint… for everything…

I use ibis paint x if im on my phone, phonto for texts and pixlr if im on computer