What roleplay should I make?


FATASY ROLEPLAY: A special school for witches and warlocks. Will you find yourself in a situation you can’t remove yourself from? Or is the fun just beginning.
DRAMA ROLEPLAY: You join drama club hoping to improve you acting. Little did you know when they say drama, they weren’t acting.
HORROR ROLEPLAY: A sleepover with your closet friend’s while your parents are out of town seems innocent enough. But what happens when you throw a Ouija board into the equation? Extreme regret…
THRILLER ROLEPLAY: Trapped inside an office building, it sucks that you brought a knife to a gun fight. Will you survive, or fall victim to your crazed co-workers. Unlike a zombie, these people no exactly what there doing…
ROMANCE ROLEPLAY: Love triangles are soooo two years ago, at lease; that’s what you thought until you got swept into something bigger. When friends become lovers, and drama increases, who will you choose?

  • A fantasy roleplay
  • A romance roleplay
  • A horror roleplay
  • A thriller roleplay
  • A drama roleplay

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I feel like there is too many fantasy stories with the similar plot with what you suggested, however, if you do make a horror / thriller one I’d love to sign up :slight_smile:


Cool, I will definitely consider that.


Thank you all for your opinion! I will be starting sign ups for the horror roleplay: Ouija: The nightmare begins. Thanks so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I would’ve voted, but I’m already in the RP and I’m late


@Sydney_H Can you close this?



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: