What ruins a story for you?

Haha there is something called limited customization and I spoke in general in authors who add CC and there are art scenes and yes, as you say at the end it is your story but there are authors who come to affect the comments of what you think, but it is a matter of thinking about this topic as you want.

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  • bad grammar, spelling, no punctuation at all-

  • mean girls with no reason to hate the MC (and they usually are blonde who have “botox” or fillers)

  • misogynistic men and women, and also Pick-me MCs

  • MC having a boyfriend at episode 1 then MC comes home to see them cheating (sometimes for more drama, cheating with the MC’s own best friend)

  • 1 hour-long chapters and the scenes aren’t going anywhere (I only tolerate long chapters from an author i like hehe)

  • and also art scenes with… bad art ToT
    I am sorry, but I just want to tap quickly to get it over with. I appreciate it ofc that people let artists get to have their art displayed on the app. This is a ‘me’ problem bcs I get uncomfortable seeing art with weird proportions and uncanny valley-like features.


I find it difficult to read a story without a problem, a sitcom style has to be done really well for me to read. Side characters without a story or personality is also a turn off :woman_shrugging:



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Well, they do tell you there are art scenes and It won’t look like your character obviously.



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I just think quitting or disliking a story over art scenes is stupid, but that’s your opinion so I won’t argue!


Art scenes with weird proportions makes me also exit a story. But art scenes in general not. Same to covers. But if the cover is crap and the description is clear and interesting I still will read.


I can’t stand it when authors talk to the characters in the story.


Never really think about it. But I remember dnf some of stories with miscommunication that can be solved by a simple talk. Or a story with long unecessary conversations.


Better than me i legit cant make myself do that.
I dont wanna keep seeing characters that dont look like me pop up.
Then the messages are so condscending for why you shouldnt customize or flat out lie and say their apperance is plot relevant it barely ever is…its only to show how “pretty” or “special” MC is…just dont include it CC with art scenes…whys that hard

  • Wimpy MCs
    I’m going down a list of recommended stories and one of the stories and one of the MCs in them was super — to the point where they literally wouldn’t even do what you told them to do.
  • Blonde Mean Girls
    I don’t like the insinuation. It would be one thing if it was every now and then, but almost EVERY mean girl on Episode is blonde and usually has “plastic surgery” (which just means big-lipped). Why?
  • Overly-Introspective MCs
    I do not need to read 20 paragraphs of personal thoughts for every 1 line of actual dialogue.
  • Nothing happens the first episode???
    This is really common for some reason.
  • Skip the wait
    I just gave you a 30 gem donation stop playing with me

Really slow updates. I’m aware people have a life, I know updates might be slow. I get that, but honestly there have been stories I admired at first but it received no updates over the years (plural on purpose btw) and I forgot about them. And tbh? I’ve outgrown advanced directing, especially if it’s also why there are slow or even non-existent updates.

This is probably an unpopular opinion but I’d rather authors writing their story completely and releasing episodes weekly than uncertain updates.