What’s a code for overlays to be “thrown”

I’m looking for a code that will have a magic power overlay be thrown at a character. I will credit if needed.

@Farah_DeSantis @lanafrazer_episode


Are you saying you need help moving it across the screen to make it look like it’s being thrown?

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Okay, I’d say to have the overlay placed at the person’s hand, then make it appear and slide across the screen to wherever you want it. This is what the code may look like:

@overlay OBJECT create
@overlay OBJECT opacity 0
@overlay OBJECT shifts to spot X Y in zone #
&[insert throwing animation]
@overlay OBJECT opacity 1 (or since it’s magic you can have it fade, lmk if that’s what you want)
@overlay OBJECT shifts to spot X Y in zone # in (TIME)

(Also add a scales to # to adjust the size, add it before the opacity)
Let me know if this works and if you have any other questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hi, I am not making templates on requests. :wink:
But I can explain to you how to animate overlay if this will not be understandable:

Thank you!

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