What’s a non cliche Vampire story?

What would you call a non cliche vampire story?
And what is a cliche vampire story?

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Non-cliche: Vampires are actually vampires and not glorified humans with long teeth and superpowers. They kill, they drink blood. They don’t ‘wish to be human’.

Cliche: Omg I am a teen vampire, I must fall in love with a human and cause angst whilst brooding about being immortal, woe is me.

Edit: I mean absolutely no disrespect to people who write the bottom version because it is a guilty pleasure of mine to read those stories :joy:


i would like to see girl vampire falling in love with normal boy! it’s usually the other way so…


LMAO same. I could read a vamp story any day and every day.

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That sounds really cool!

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Flip The Script

  • They Kill
  • Rule: Those who have fell for a human has died. Fall for a human you die
  • They are monsters
  • They aren’t humans, they could float, not walk
  • Why the hell are they at a human school? Make a vampire academy.
  • If they see a pretty human girl, they kill her, NO MERCY
  • Wolves are their friends, it’s witches & warlocks who they hate.
  • They don’t eat human food.
  • They don’t have human names
  • Dracula was a vampire god who died by the enemy
  • Maybe there is a story where two vampires have a baby, but she cursed by being half-human, and her life is at risk

:woman_shrugging:t5: But hey just thoughts…


I’m sorry but I’m crying

‘She’s so beautiful… and she smells so good. I must resist.’

Immediately proceeds to eat her face off.

‘Oh shit, not again. That’s the third one this week.’

I’m just gonna run off and make this a thing real quick.


:rofl: :rofl:

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I think we’ve all sadly watched a cliche vampire movie, series or read one. I was once a hater of Vampire diaries-
But alas I somehow found myself indulged in their fake lives.

It was like a drug, I watched it once and thought nothing of it until I found myself secretly watching more and more.

Now I can’t help it-
I’m too far deep in this brooding vampire rabbit hole to climb out…

If you can resist it. Remember that I’m so proud of you, it takes great power.


Oh god same… if I’m being honest I’ve always wished twilight was real :joy:
I always wanted to be a vampire and to have a hot sparkly vampire boyfriend… still do.

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