What’s a real episode “turn-on” for you


This idea was given to me by hopewrites, creds to her.

This post was made for general discussion but also to give authors ideas on things that we like seeing in stories!

One thing I personally like is having only one love interest. I’m a very indecisive person and unless I despise the opposing love interest then I low key get stressed out.
That’s just me though, what things do you guys like?


Proper grammar and well-written, three dimensional characters


Couldn’t agree more.


When the male love interest doesnt have short cropped black hair and a defined triangle face in every damn story


LOL, true though.


Having the option to skip a chapter if you’re forced to replay it!


This annoys me too, but in many cases that wouldn’t be possible because there are significant choices, so if you skipped the chapter then you’d miss the choice.
Unless we’re talking about stories with insignificant or no choices. Then yes, there must be the skip button, when there aren’t any big changes in the chapter.


Oh I was referring to when a chapter is updated and you have to replay the episode, some authors allow you to skip it :slight_smile:

  1. Good spelling and grammar.
    Having good spelling and grammar on your episodes can tell me that you’re a good writer and that I should continue watching your story.
    I’ll still watch your story if you don’t have it tho if it’s a good story.
  2. detailed descriptions
    Detailed descriptions when needed. Like- something that I can’t already see on the screen. FEELINGS!
    What is happening INSIDE the character’s mind? It’s nice to have it once in a while. It shows me that you put effort into your story.
  3. Choices.
    I like choices. Even if you’re not sure how to do the coding, but if you make it seem like I made a really meaningful choice then I’ll read it. Also character customization when needed. Ok, if you have special art scene or you need the character to look a certain way, and I don’t like it- I’ll live with it, and I’ll find that it really fits the character. I like when you have character customization where you wait till the character is in their first scene, zoom up on them, and customize them. I don’t like when you customize too many people. I also like when they have the option to customize some things. (even though some people would disagree) Sometimes they have just ONE thing that’s bugging me about them that I want to change.
  4. Making the character unique
    I like it when I can’t predict what the character is going to be like or do. I also like it when authors add characters that add humor but blend in. And I love seeing diversity- with no stereotypes! I love it when the authors make a small scene so powerful. The MC could be talking- then notices other people talking who usually stay in the background.
  5. I like it when authors have their own backgrounds/ overlays.
  6. Nice, long episodes! If yours is too short you can add a little extra description to just add something.
  7. When authors REALLY use and KNOW all the actions. I find it funny when they zoom up on a character with a really good facial expression that fits the scene, I find out that it comes after a certain animation. Like the animation “shush” after it shushes there’s a regretful/kinda sad face that fits a lot of funny scene. You can practically see the character thinking before the author says it: “What did I get myself into?”
  8. I like seeing that the author obviously put effort into it, and checked it over 1 or 2 times before moving on, maybe establishing the plot or writing the story all down before putting it on episode. (I like writing rough scrips to get my ideas out)
    This was kind of like a mix of both turn-on and turn-offs for me :sweat_smile: but I hope this helps!

wow lol this is long. :rofl:


Stories that step out of the episode cliches and tropes.
When people have a story line and genre that’s different from the featured bad boy high school stories then it’s automatically a turn on for me.


I’m sure this will help a bunch of people thanks for putting your spare time into writing that! I agree with everything you’ve said.


That’s what A.V meant to.
My stories have a lot of important choices. If I let a reader skip the chapter, they’d miss those choices and therefore miss out on gains/points. So unfortunately, not all authors can add in the “skip” option. Hopefully one day there’ll be a way to make minor changes to a chapter without forcing readers to re-read!


Yeah same. I agree with you, I am just explaining why some authors don’t allow it :slight_smile:


Ohh my bad! I’ve seen some authors have a skip option but then they also make you rechoose the choices you made in a chapter. One story that does this is ‘He can’t tame me’. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


I’ve seen that too but by that point, I’ve usually forgotten what I previously chose lol.
To be honest, I hate letting people rechoose (because I give away the “correct” answers at the end of each chapter lol) so I do my best to never republish an episode :rofl:


I’m actually surprised I know THAT much about the topic. This is my first year on the forums and I’ve only published like- two stories, on different accounts. :sweat_smile: Guess I’ll just try my best to keep following MY advice. Thanks for reading it :grin:


Fair enough :slight_smile:


I like good spelling and grammar. (A few errors are fine.)

Choices that matter- there doesn’t need to be multiple endings or anything, but I like when my choices influence scenes and interactions.

Really creative directing, especially with overlays! Sometimes I’ll just read a story because I love the directing lol.


I love it!


Lol the Classic version of it used to be the black mohawk and blue eyes. I guess there’s an ideal look in every style. :joy: