What’s a real ‘Episode turnoff’ for you

Personally mine is when you watch ads and then it freezes making you watch more ads, I don’t have time for that
And the fact episode stories show up first in my favorites list when I haven’t read it in forever, like no. Share yours below :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue:


omg when it makes me rewatch an episode cus the author edited the chapter. I like stop reading it


This is so petty, but mine is when I start to read a story with heaps of views (aka more than me) and it’s full of errors and doesn’t even make sense. I just give up on the whole app because of my jealousy


Certain authors are awful for this lol. I know that sometimes there’s a glitch and it’s not their fault, but there are some who seem to correct little errors every time they publish.
I purposely stay one episode behind so I don’t have to reread :joy:


Oh the freezing ad business! It’s so frustrating. One time, I tried to read a story ten times and because of some stupid ad freezing, I exited out of the app, cleared my browsing history, and restarted my iPad. But that same nasty ad kept on freezing! So I finally gave up and decided to read the story the next day, and thankfully, the problem was fixed.


Some authors do give readers a chance to skip it in case they read it…

I’m certainly not saying this because I was guilty of it… what? :sweat_smile:



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Shit stories


Certain authors are just so blind they may test a chapter 20 times before publishing then reread it when starting a new episode, and finally notice that huge grammar or spelling error and just can’t let anyone else to see it… :flushed:


I know that My Skater Lover by @writtenbyeffy give the reader the option to skip the Episode!


Rereading episode…nothing is worse than that, and I will stop reading immediately and come back when I don’t remember what was a story about :joy:


Really bad grammar or just very unrealistic character dialogue and personalities. Those typical ‘pregnant by’ or ‘bad boy’ stories because they usually have bad grammar and lots of views. A D S.

Spotlight stories…


I think we all feel you on that. I’m not gonna hate on young people who are new to writing and still improving. I’m sure they’ll get better since this is all practice…
But when you see a story with a badly edited cover, a summary like, “ur the new girl in town he’s the bad boy will u fall for the bad boy” and it has hundreds of thousands of reads, it kind of makes me want to bang my head against the desk.


Something that annoys me is when a story is completely unrealistic. I have no problem with fantasy stories. I’m talking about when a story has unrealistic characters or dialogue or just situations in general. I don’t want to throw any specific stories under the bus however for an example one scenario that I read: bad boy who’s always rude insults new girl, new girl runs away crying (which is weird to begin with), bad boy chases after her legit one minute after she’s told that he’s some unreachable jerk.

Stories that narrate by using “you” (eg. ‘you load your bags into the car feeling sad about moving’) idk why.

Something that really annoys me though is when we’re forced to make an obviously dumb or stupid choice, I understand it’s essential for character development but reading stories that include these sorts of moments just give me immense second hand embarrassment and disconnect me from the mc. I usually just remove the story from my faves.


Agreed on the stupid choices. If the character has to make an obviously stupid choice, first make it believable to the reader that the character would make that choice. Because they’re backed into a corner, with no other options, or because it’s believable to their personality, and not just because the plot needs to keep moving. Second… don’t make it a reader-decided choice! If the character HAS to make it, let them make it, but don’t put off your reader by forcing THEM to pick between the choice version of Dumb and Dumber.


for me it’s really bad spelling and grammar. Since episode has limited animations and it’s all text, you have to be able to understand where the character is coming from. If you use bad grammar and spelling constantly it’s hard for me to focus on the story and understand the characters especially if the words being used are out of context. Ugh idk im not asking for perfection, just for the author to understand basic spelling and grammar. :upside_down_face:


When episodes are really short or if they can’t spell. Also sometimes after I watch an ad then when they story starts the charachters aren’t even there and I have to close the app and reload it again. :roll_eyes:


I’m glad my first post got so many likes. Makes me feel less petty and more normal :grin:


Oh, I hate that. I have a lot of passes and I figured I would save money and not get the unlimited passes, but when it keeps on crashing, I had no patience to have to watch 6 or so ads, so I just got unlimited anyhow not to have to deal with it. It’s not fair to make you wait 10 minutes to read a story.


Or when you’re allowed to choose but then THE STORY MAKES YOU DO THE OTHER OPTION ANYWAY.
“Tell him the truth” or “keep lying”. You choose to tell the truth and then it goes “No, I’m not ready yet. I’ll keep lying.”
Why give me that choice?