What’s a real ‘Episode turnoff’ for you


Any art style that isn’t limelight… I just can’t do it.
Also, extremely short chapters. Like what did I waste my ticket for? Especially when choices are extremely limited, too. I started a story today and went through 3 chapters extremely fast and there were tops 5 choices that I got. Most of them, though: clothing options. Ugh


Kinda like mine but it’s when I re-watch it and it’s nothing different.


yh exactly! Like just one grammatical error.


I’m just like. “…” My life


I didn’t realize that was a glitch I just thought people forgot to direct the characters correctly!! I feel so bad for dropping stories that would consistently do that :sob::cry:


Oh yes @Epithet just get to the homepage and back to the story. It will fix the problem!


I usually just exit the app. Then go back. But the glitch is scary, though.