What’s a real ‘Episode turnoff’ for you


Kinda like mine but it’s when I re-watch it and it’s nothing different.


yh exactly! Like just one grammatical error.


I’m just like. “…” My life


I didn’t realize that was a glitch I just thought people forgot to direct the characters correctly!! I feel so bad for dropping stories that would consistently do that :sob::cry:


Oh yes @Epithet just get to the homepage and back to the story. It will fix the problem!


I usually just exit the app. Then go back. But the glitch is scary, though.


Has anyone else seen the recent advertisements for Episodes? They are all about romance stories and thinks like ‘I really want to kiss him’. I just think it makes the whole app look unappealing. On the other hand, most of the stories with the most reads are romance. When I start reading them I usually realize that they have little plot and some directing errors. However, people are still giving them millions of views. It’s just very frustrating.


Stories that get featured that a virtually carbon copies of all the others (bad boys, gangsters that are “cool”, girls with older men, being pregnant, hooking up with teachers, etc), while all these original user stories go unappreciated.


When writers don’t use proper punctuation and grammar.


I use clothing options OCCASIONALLY. Not like EVERY GODDAMN TIME you go leave your house.
I use options if it’s: A) Can change endings B) What a character thinks of you, and C) If it’s even relevant to be in the story

Like just don’t if your choices aren’t even relevant. Hell, just don’t even put choices at all if you want it to feel like a book.


The fact they’re trying to now squeeze 5 gems out of you to skip watching ads. Maybe it it was permanent, but 5 gems just to avoid two ads?! That’s criminal


Fathers being abusive assholes, while Mothers are portrayed as kind and loving.


My Episode turn-off: when Episode tries to turn me on.


I Honestly Hate Making Decisions!!The Good Decisions Cost Gems And The Bad Ones Are Free And When You Have No Gems You Have No Choice But To Pick The Bad One


Going off of what some of you guys said in earlier posts, I absolutely cannot stand those gang love stories that romanticize a dangerous and illicit lifestyle.
Your family was murdered right in front of your very eyes when you were six. This has left irreversible mental damage and you struggle to last a day without those pesky PTSD symptoms. BUT WAIT! You stumble across a HOT BAD BOY one night and he KIDNAPS you and uses you as a drug mule among other illicit and abusive activities. Usually in this situation you’d want to actually end yourself but not this time because he’s HOT. Also you have a newly developed thing for violence and destroying the lives of innocent families that got wrapped up in drug/gang deals. NOW THAT’S HOT. OOPS! That HOT BAD BOY turns out to be the man who murdered your family and put you into the terrible foster care system and the reason why you’re in therapy. But THAT’S OKAY because HE’S HOT.


ALSO, it will cost you 21 gems to breathe in the first episode. Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:




I can relate to #3, but it’s more like “If the story cover is really fucking badly edited and looks like a 5 year old kid’s drawing” for me. I never seen a good edit in my goddamn life.


Don’t forget, Classic is the OG. You can’t hate the OG you gotta hate the gang.


the og classics like Party Girls, Love Doctor, SSCH, and BBD the OG were the best!