What’s appropriate to say

So yeah, I’ve just finished drafting the sequel to second Chance and reading it, there’s a few bits and bobs which I think may be too mature for the audience.

So for example, there’s a couple struggling to conceive. Even though I’m trying my best to clean it up, the innuendoes are still coming through.

I dunno thoughts?

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Why type of things are you saying? For example if you are just simply saying that someone can’t get pregnant then I’d just allow them to say something like “we have been trying for a baby but having no luck.”

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Here’s an example scene:

Couple are trying but they get a little…steamy let’s say. One is saying “stop wasting time a put a baby in me”

There’s a choice of readers wanna read the steamy scene.

Steamy scene:
Characters walk off screen, black out.

Characters are done with their shenanigans and are talking.
Then one says, time for round 2!

Hmm not sure if that’s censored enough :joy:

That’s what I thought too, I’m trying to re write it and it just takes away that saucy element of the story…

Think I may have to wait for the mature app to publish this one