What’s everyone doing

Hey, I’m kind of bored :blush:
So I wanted to ask what’s everyone doing for the holidays? I’m just watching some old movies :no_mouth:


currently helping my mom cook for christmas, wrapping some gifts for my siblings (both are older than me) they are coming over tomorrow for christmas. my dad sadly can’t join us because he is in colorado visiting my grandma who is suffering in the hospital from cancer :confused: it’s really hard at the moment but trying to think positive. besides a holiday is tomorrow so i don’t want to worry about negative stuff right now :upside_down_face:

Aww Im sorry to hear that, I hope she gets better :pensive::pleading_face:

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Same here! After Christmas breakfast/present opening, the day will be dedicated to watching Disney+ :chef:

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I really hope that your grandma gets better! So glad that you’re trying to be optimistic, thoughts are with you :pleading_face::heartpulse:

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Watching a shit ton of movies and taking full advantage of the time I have off, end of January I’ll be back at Uni :woozy_face:

thank you so much! i’m hoping for the best right now but stuff aren’t looking the greatest, just trying to stay strong and pray for her. i talked to her earlier and she was way to weak to talk. i know she heard me and i know that she loves me dearly, and that’s what is keeping me going right now. :pleading_face:

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Try not to remember her in that way, think of all the happy memories! Spend as much time as you can with her, facetimes, phone calls and visits. If you do ever need to talk, my pm’s are always open :yellow_heart:

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thank you, that means a lot to me :white_heart:

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I am laying on my couch eating dark chocolate :chocolate_bar: mint kit kats. I am going to do write a scene or two as soon as my medication kicks in!!!

And then I might get up and try to watch movies :movie_camera: :popcorn: with Dad.


Working and drinking water. Christmas isn’t really a big thing where I was born so every year it’s just another day.

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just watching netflix, i dont care much for christmas. hope everyone enjoyed their day, though!

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I just started coding today. Now I really understand why some authors takes much time to bring out a chapter. I coded for 24 almost straight with 4 hours sleep and I’m still at like 75% of the first chapter.


I am just staying home (like i have a choice) and watching as well. I am also spending some time with my aunt and uncles, so nothing big! :blush:

basically just eating everything

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