What’s in your mind?


So hey guys! This thread is about what’s going on through your mind!
Let’s start with
@Chocolate_Mama The queen of chocolate!!


Anyone can start!


School I feel like I want to die, I don’t understand why I did what I did​:sob::sob:


How im socially awkward


Welp in my mind: Bro I’m so fucking sick and all because of Mrs S. I hope mom really don’t turn off my internet like let a girl relax. Also how famous can me and Obama really get?


Fr I can’t make a conversation to save my life


Lol you’re going to make it through don’t worry.
I’m in school and trying to survive 24 periods
I take day and Night classses


Wait are you in uni or?


No I’m getting ready to be in uni


Good luck


In my mind: why do I get mad over people that don’t do anything to me? Am I Jelous? Am I hurting in the inside?
I don’t usually feeel feelings for anyone.
But why am I so nice towards them at first and then the next second I hate them?



Lol. Thx




In my mind right now: I really need to write chapters 5 and 6 of my Episode story, but I am too lazy to do that… :joy:






But now five three


Well, the first day of school starts tomorrow and I’m secretly dying inside but apart from that, I’m great!


Girl good luck! Don’t get overwhelmed


Thank you! :sparkling_heart: