What’s the best comedy story you’ve ever read?


What’s the best comedy story you’ve ever read? I wanna read a good story, and I’m a big fan of comedy so


I really liked “Challenge Accepted” by Annie Edison. That made me crack up so hard.:laughing:


Save Me. That story had me cry because it was so funny


Dirty, sexy teenagers. First time I ever laughed cause of a episode story :joy:


Mind Games. It was so funny. I hope they continue!


Can’t decide between Dirty Sexy Teenagers, Challenge Accepted, College Days: Psychology 101 or Santa’s Naughty List. All four have made me laugh outloud multiple times :joy:


Infamous and Infamous 2: Sons of Evil :slight_smile:


Anything by Kayla.S


Santa’s Naughty List and The Next Stage both made me laugh (like out loud)


DST by Lucky is funny


My favourite comedy is I Despise You by Isabella Costa. The characters are very funny and I love the whole concept.
My Forced Arranged Marriage to my Gang Leader Vampire Bad Boy Boss…And I’m Pregnant! (yes, this is the title) is a story that made me cry-laughing a few times, but I only recommend this if you are ready for a crazy parody of the trending cliche on Episode. It’s so bad that it is good.


Hey! these are the comedy stories I loved… 100% laughter is guaranteed.

  1. All Kayla Sloans’ stories! I’m her biggest fan!
  2. Have you seen Monday? by Ruby L.Lee (I don’t know why she has not got million views yet! you should totally check it out! Ep 5 is the funniest! You can thank me later hehe! :sweat_smile: )
  3. L.O.A.P and L.O.A.P 2 by Orea Biscuit
  4. On Tour by S.M.Murphy
  5. Meet The Adams and 5 Days by Rasha S
  6. Love and Dance by Andrea Elle
    7 The Killer by Wamyja
    8 The Next Stage by Lisa.P
    9 College Days: Professor De la Rosa by Telliza

Also I have recently published a comedy story, In case if you want to check it out:
Title: Lazy Girl Rain
Author: Sripriya

Thank you.


thank you again! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I love Mafia Rebels by Charlotte Kate. It’s not the typical mafia story (so over those) It’s actually hilarious. Half the time I was literally laughing out loud and crying because of laughing so much!


Thank you so much :black_heart:


Villain Rehab, so funny I read it twice :smiley:


Death and Clamor at Heartscream Manor is an underrated riot (it’s in Classic, but it’s what adds to its charm imo). Trials of Suburbia is great, too!


No one mentioning “A Flawless Plan” by @MEA is a sin by itself


This story called Offline. Definitely one of my favorites.


how do you get accepted into the group in trials of suburbia? i got rejected last time :frowning: