What’s the # command does?

All i know there is @,& , and I noticed there is # what it do?

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its basically notes the portal will ignore anything that has # before what you type so like if you typed # @FEMALE walks screen center it would ignore the code.

But if i want the portal to ignore it I could just delete it

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Oh well

It’s just notes for yourself, or I use it that way. You can use it label the parts of your script for future reference or make note of what needs to be improved and go back later. It’s really just for you the author, it doesn’t really contribute towards your story.


Ohh I understand!

It can be very helpful if you are correcting someone’s work. Just drop some notes down and voila! (Though I understand you figured that out :slightly_smiling_face:)

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The better version of what i said XD ~

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You did explain how it works! My reply didn’t include that.

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