What’s the difference between spotlight & regular limelight?


I’m still confused on the difference, of course I know the main difference is that spotlight l “pops out” compared to reg.limelight, but what other differences is there?


I’d say that’s about it @brvnda :thinking:


oh okay cus I see people mentioning “choices” & im like huh? so does spotlight NOT include choices? idk idk


lol :smile:


Choices is a separate game, slightly similar to Episode in the fact that both are visual storytelling apps (but imo Choices is MUCH better)


if you don’t mind me asking , why do you prefer choices over episode?


I also prefer Choices. The reasons are, Choices has unique and interesting storylines, the quality of writing is much, much higher and they actually deliver on their promises of diversity.

Their books all have characters of various ethnicities and sexualities, and they recently released a book with a non-binary character, and a book with a really amazing transgender character too.

Also, some of the plot twists in their books leave me shook😱


Preach girl! Preach!!


There are actually many reasons why I love choices over Episode. So number 1 is probably for the diverse variety of characters which include the mc, love interests and other characters, Another thing is the fact of the amount of love interests both men and women, also there are plenty of choices books in which you can choose both your gender and the gender of your love interest. Also its absolutely cliche free! The fanstasy stories are just amazing and mind blowing the thrillers and mysteries are just chilling and make you want more and the dramas and romances are magical and so alluring! The fact that I like choices doesn’t make me hate episode though! I absolutely LOVE episode and they offer a wide variety of stories including some of the best stories that I have ever read! but they can kinda improve their featured stories cause most of the romances and dramas are exactly the same and its fine at first but over time it gets kinda boring. And well that’s it!


I enjoyed some of Choices but stopped because I cannot deal with the diamonds/gems.


Lol, so I checked it out and I left choices a review last year saying “stop being greedy for diamonds” :joy::joy::joy:


Closing as the original question has been answered :slight_smile: