What’s the first story you read?


What is the first story you ever read on episode?
Mine was Demi Lovato Season 1.:slight_smile:


Mean Girls


Another classic great!
I think a lot of us probably started with a featured story that hooked us before we went to user stories.


The app was set a little different back then and I literally could not figure out how to read anything else other than Mean Girls and Demi Lovato.


Yeah it was hard + the featured stories were right there lol.
When i started, everything was classic too so unlike some people I still enjoy classic.
Campus Crush was also a big story back in the day.


Campus Crush classic


Demi Lovato then Campus Crush then (what’s the name?) it’s where you go to a dating show, but it turns out to be fake but you become famous anyway? Like Reality something. I alternated between the three with my two / three passes.


Oh! Real Hollywood!
It dragged out a bit at the end but it’s a good story :slight_smile:


“If Only He Knew” by Lacey. It’s still on going (I think it’s been out for 2 years?) but I haven’t read it in a while.


I want to say Troublemaker, but I think it might have been Demi Lovato. :woman_shrugging:


Ooh I haven’t heard of that one.
What’s it about?


Real Hollywood in Classic


A good read!
& congrats on another episode of Speak our :)))


The MC is bullied really badly based on a rumor (her crush kissed her when he had a gf so his gf made her life hell) so she moves schools. The “bad boy” at the new school she’s interested in makes a bet about who can hook up with her first then tries to make a move on her. Then the story gets more complicated, romantic etc. It’s a pretty good story!


Thanks! Another one soon to follow.


That sounds exactly like the kind of stories I love lol.
Thank you for the recommendation. :slight_smile:
Although I’m surprised ur first story was a user story over a featured one


Mine was Chain Reaction: Lost :blue_heart:


Party Girls I think it was before INK came out. I even still have the iPod with the progress saved on it.


Lol you know by my profile pic!! I’m obsessed with that answer. Love that story to bits.


Omg it’s a good story but I realized when re reading it that most of the eps were so short