What’s the first story you read?


I’m pretty sure the first story I read was either the Dolan Twins or Bad Boys Girl…


Me too! :joy:


Bad boys girl was amazing!!


I started mean girls and found it kind of boring so I didn’t finish it. I prefer stories created by regular people, not by people working with episode.

The first story I read fully I think is Chain Reaction. Man that was a long time ago :joy::joy:


I think Rivals by Alex Light. It was pass-free for 24 hours and I couldn’t miss the opportunity :joy:


The Baby Project :heart::sweat_smile:


Bad Boy’s Girl. :joy: That was fun.


either Finding Mr. Wright or Campus Crush Classic


Mine was Mean Girls, the first one. What made me download the app in the first place was that I saw it being advertised on a fashion game I used to play a lot, called Campus Life… the characters in the game were actually promoting it, and if you downloaded it you could actually win gems. So, I decided to check it out.

I haven’t read that Troublemaker story that you guys are talking about, but just by hearing about those directing errors, and the fact that I have a strong dislike for characters named Brody… I’ll pass on that story.


Campus Crush and Real Hollywood.


Both r really good espicalliy real hollywood although it dragged a bit near the end


Either Campus Crush or Real Hollywood, I don’t remember. probably RH. I didn’t really like it in the beginning, but it grew on me as the plot became a bit less cliché.
Funny enough, I haven’t finished either story to this day.


Wooow this takes me back. :sweat_smile: First ever Episode story I read I think was HUNTED, and it’s still one of my faves. Kind of a shame the classics aren’t featured anymore though; trying to find a story written in Classic is touuugh.




Pretty sure it was Real Hollywood :smile: Ah, the nostalgia! I still remember it till this day but I don’t think I ever finished it (did it ever fully release?).


Valor Woods. I love that story! I hope the author makes a Limelight version soon.


If I remember correctly it was Bad Boy’s Girl and that was because it was the only one the app would let me read at the time.

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