What’s the meaning of life

Hi! Have you ever thought od why do we live? I was thinking of this topic right now and I wanna now your opinion on this.


I believe that life is what you make it.:heart:


Yeah I think so too. It really affects :heart: Thanks for sharing


We serve at the pleasure of cats -

but I guess on a more serious note I guess it is because our cells want to food and like created us get food for them (we are a servant to our own cells…?)

but on a less serious note, probably to make connections . . .


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We live because our body is working to keep us alive. Our body is doing the best it can.

If you mean the meaning of life…then I’ve wondered this, too and at times I used to think to myself why are we on this Earth? Just why? I mean, my childhood was bad and I thought of not living anymore yet I pushed on. And there’s so many people who suffer much worse fates, yet they stay strong every day. Many people in the world want to live; even medical experts do their best to save lives. Where do we find the will to continue and not give up? At first, I couldn’t come up with a response. But now, I guess I feel kinda confident in answering.

All I can say is that we all have different meanings when it comes to our life. We all have different purposes and we continue to exist because of various reasons. For me, I’m a religious person so I follow the teachings of my religion. There’s certain rules I should follow and I try my best (99%) of the time following them, because I hope in the end, it will all work out.

My purpose is to try to be positive as possible, to spread optimism and hopefully in the future, I can help save lives as well try to help those who are suffering. This is what I want to do. I want to achieve my dreams, say my prayers, and aid others.

I encourage people to be nice and respectful to others. Treat them the way you want to be treated.

This is my take on it.

Thank you for reading : )


Wow! So true and well-thought. Thank you for sharing your opinion! :heart:

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The meaning of life is to review the forum tutorial so you know where to correctly create topics on the forums :wink: . Moved this thread to General Chat since it has nothing to do with Episode and was created in Episode Fan Community. Thanks :slight_smile:



Eat, Laugh, Love


For me Its probably eating skittles and enjoying the show life provides


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