What’s the name of this background music? [SOLVED]

Can someone please help me? I like this background music but It’s not in my portal when I go to the sounds tab. Can someone please tell me the name?

Also, shoutout to @LiaLopez! She wrote the story I’m reading called, “Thank You, Next!”

Unfortunately we can’t view the document

Why not?

It’s saying we need permission

How do I give permission?

How do I?

I’m not sure check in your gmail inbox to see if a request has gone to your inbox meanwhile I’ll look on mine to see if I can figure it out

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It said the link was shared with your Gmail account

I think I’ve got it, I’ll take a look at it now

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Cool can you tell me the music name in the portal?

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I’m not quite sure but I’ll take a look on the portal to see if I can find it

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Okay, thanks! I’ve looked for it a lot of times. But I couldn’t find it!

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Did you find it?

Not yet

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I can’t seem to find it :thinking: it’s got to be there somewhere

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LOL Is it just nonexistent for some people? :rofl:

was it in a story?


I have no clue :joy::joy:

Yes it was in a story. It was Thank You, Next. By: @LiaLopez

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I’m not sure what episode entirely