What’s the name of this story, I just vaguely remember some parts of it!

Alright, so I read this one story years back, it was around 2015/2016 I think. I remember for sure it was ink and one of the love interests was the MC’s childhood best friend I believe? His name was Aiden. I remember the MC lived with her mum? She had this girl best friend and there was another love interest I cannot remember. I think this is just useless information. Oh wait! I remember the MC’s girl best friend moves in with her! I will try to dig through my useless memory for more info! But if you guys know the story, please do comment! I just want to read it for the nostalgia :joy:
ALSO I think it’s really similar to My Best Friend Next Door, by Marina but it’s much more different :thinking:


There is one by Sandra Gustafson (don’t know if I spelled that correcty :sweat_smile:) that reminds me of this. I don’t remember the name, maybe moving in? something like that

I have no idea, so I’m just gonna throw around some old ink titles (but I don’t remember much of the stories though) hoping that one of them could be the story in question. :joy:

  • My Episode Lover?
  • Becoming His Pet?
  • If Only He Knew?
  • Fake Love?
  • The Transformation?

Thank you for that but it’s sadly none of those! I thought it was “My Best Friend Next Door” by Marina but it isn’t. But it’s so similar to it!

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Awww thank you but sadly it isn’t it! Also I think I explained it badly. I believe the Love interest was her childhood best friend and her girl best friend moved in with her

Dang it.
Do you remember if it was by a well known author at the time or a smaller author? Author names might help with the search.

Is it Just a Friend to You?

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Omg thank you so so much! It is that story! Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much but I just found the story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it was just a friend to you by MB :heart:

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I’m glad someone came to you with the title. Now you can revisit it! :laughing:

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