What’s the one thing that puts you off reading someone’s story?


is there something that really just puts you off a story?


Really bad grammar.
If I have to reread a sentence numerous times to make sense of it, then I’ll be exiting fast.
If the description has glaring grammar mistakea Or Is Typed Lyk Dis then I won’t even click on the story.


If it’s been made on mobile creation and hasn’t been edited properly so all the characters start ‘popping’ around all over the screen.

This might sound mean but sometimes if I recognise the author as someone who’s kind of rude on the forums, I won’t read their story out of spite :flushed:

If the beginning of the first episode is a super long author’s note, followed by CC for 6 characters…

Oops, that’s three things and not one… :woman_shrugging:


An unavoidable male li


Robotic dialogue


When the author gives us two Li, be it the “good boy” or “bad boy” but forces us to have more feelings for the bad boy. So, even if I purposely go out of my way to avoid him or never choose the romantic option for said “bad boy” I somehow “can’t stop thinking about him” or “am jealous that he’s spending time with this girl” :neutral_face::expressionless:

Like honestly…

If you’re going to force the “bad boy” on me please don’t create the illusion that I have a choice in the matter regarding who I want to be with. Please just- :no_entry_sign::raised_back_of_hand:t6:


I know this sounds kinda stupid or a bit racist but when the characters aren’t diverse!!!
ok, I’m interested in a little change and I’m not just your template characters, just give amazing DIVERSE characters and not just the one person no MIX IT UP PEOPLE!!!
and could we just have a couple interracial couples on episode come on it’s 2018 interracial couples are amazing! or maybe because I’m in one I care so much eh
sorry this is kinda a rant


Bad grammar or bad use of english. Like if you’re writing a story in English, then write it properly. The animations in episode are limited and they can only do so much. People need to use good spelling and grammar and use english words in the right context to make the story come off as believable and real; as if the characters are real people and when they speak it’s natural dialogue that people use in everyday life. Sometimes I don’t even see that effort from a lot of authors and it turns me off completely. It’s not like they CAN’T get a beta reader easily. I don’t care how good your directing is or whatever but this is my biggest pet peeve. I can understand a few mistakes here and there but if I see the same mistakes over and over again I get really annoyed because when I read a story I like the characters to be as realistic as possible, and it’s hard to believe that if the english is that bad.


SAME OMG. I HATE being forced to one guy if the story has multiple love interests.


I’m pretty sure that’s like, the opposite of racist lmao


Ugh, I feel like an idiot when saying this but bad grammar or bad English in general really puts me off. :tired_face:


Honestly, you don’t sound like an idiot - this puts off a lot of people including myself.


Just terrible directing. I understand not everybody is good at using advance directing, and most are beginners, but seeing characters randomly pop up or overlap over each other makes me cringe.


Bad grammar is definitely one of them. I can’t stand a story If I have to read the first line 3 times to understand it !

(Well I am new to this so I can’t talk much)


ehhh you can never be too careful with people on the internet.


Sex scenes!!! Get out of here I don’t need to see two animated drawings performing some elaborately described sex scene nope! :slight_smile: bye bye i am leaving the app


Bad story line. Some stories I’ve read start out strong then they don’t know where to go with it. It’s fine to ask for help but they keep writing just to release more episodes.


A boring beginning. If an author hasn’t put effort into trying to hook readers with the first scene, then I don’t have much hope for the rest of the story. I’ll usually close out of anything that starts with “oH nO i’M lAtE fOr ScHoOl” or begins with the character waking up and going about their daily routine.
Like, if you’re trying to get a novel published that would be the ideal way to end up on the top of their rejected list.


Even if I like the plot if it has bad grammar, bad written & cliché characters and I don’t like the relationship development between said characters I’m out.


Lmao reading this made me read so hard :joy: