What’s the perfect length for an episode?

Hi you wonderful supportive community!

I’ve completed and posted 10 episodes now. However I’m worried they are too short as have got feed back as such.

They are around 500-900 lines. I have read lots of other reviews which go on a line basis and not time basis.

Mine don’t really have many choices and I reckon that would obviously bulk it up to 1000 lines. But they play to around 8mins which I think is ok? No? Eek!

I feel like I don’t want to let down a potentially good story line! Ha!

What are your thoughts? Do they need to be longer? Xxx

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I think there’s actually another post on this: https://notquitefetch.episodeinteractive.com/t/hi-i-generally-what-s-the-best-length-for-episode-stories/390/13
@alexlight says in it that the Episode team told her the best length for reader retention (like, when people start your story and read it all the way through) is 900 to 1200 lines.
You can read the other responses there.


Thanks so much! Although I get confused between lines and length… does limes include spot directing?

Thanks :heart::heart:

Yeah, lines includes everything, from spot directing, to overlays, to transitions.
If your story is really, really heavy on spot directing and branching etc. then of course to 900 - 1200 rule would probably fail to apply. In the current story I’m writing, in the first chapter I have about 950 lines with a decent amount of spot directing and overlays, but no choices or branching (yet) and the playthrough time is about 10 minutes long.

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