What’s the purpose of making an instagram for your episode account?


I’ve always wandered what the purpose was. Is it just to let the readers know when you’re updating / what you’re working on? what else do you use it for?


I believe the purpose is to

  1. Let Readers know when you update
  2. Promote your stories.
    2a. Shoutouts to new stories?

I started my instagram to promote my stories, but it’s also nice to get feedback from readers. Plus I can do announcements.


thanks for your response! that sounds reasonable


I didn’t understand the meaning at first either when I first published and I was hesitant to make an account on Instagram because I didn’t get it. But once I sort of fell into the Instagram community, I realized despite drama in sections, what a gem it is! I use my Instagram to keep readers updated on my stories and promote new ones. I have found artists for covers that way as well as well as many amazing people who do reviews and help with the editing of your story and other things. My story, The Devil Within, has come leaps and bounds since the beginning when I first published! And that’s honestly thanks to the Instagram community and the people I found on there that were able to review my story and offer advice.

Then there’s the added bonus that a lot of times, once you find your niche in the community, you can find TONS of hidden gems. Stories that aren’t in the trending section and amazing reads that you never would have found otherwise. I honestly don’t even looking at trending sections or genre shelves on the app anymore. Most of my stories I read I find thanks to Instagram and the community there is probably the reason I’m still reading on this app- because I was finally able to find stories that I like and appealed to me.


I didn’t understand it either until now, but it’s really probably the best, if not the only way to promote your stories and share updates. My first story received quite a lot of reads (I still don’t know how) and my second one gained reads as well since my other story was still being updated regularly and people could easily find it. This was the time when I should have created an Instagram account, but I didn’t.
I completed both stories about 3 months ago and I’ve published my new story recently. It is barely getting any reads and I had to realize that even if my former readers were interested in it, they probably don’t even know about it. Unless they randomly check out my profile on the app, which I doubt they do.


if you don’t mind , can you pm me the story you wrote ?


Sure :slight_smile:


It’s business and marketing for sure. and there’s a tool I can share. It makes managing the business way easier https://zen-promo.com/instagram_analytic


It’s kind of like promoting your story?


The purpose of my Instagram account is to promote my story, let people see screenshots of it so they can actually see what my story is about, and also to interact with other authors that have stories I like.


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