What’s the worst fan mail you’ve gotten?

just got this today, for a note my grammar is not bad. its good actually

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“English is not that hard.” It is actually


This is from Miss Understood, my completed story. I never intended to ‘stereotype’ people who don’t like children as ‘monsters’. The MC was set up on a blind date while she was babysitting her cousins, but the date flipped when one of the kids accidentally stepped on his foot, and started being extremely rude to the kids, even pushing one of them. The MC got upset because he was RUDE to her cousins, not because he doesn’t like kids.


Mine’s not that bad tbh:

But it is incredibly annoying when people associate psychokinesis/telekinesis and nosebleeds with only Stranger Things.


They’re probably too young to remember Res Evil :joy: Still, what a ridiculous thing to fanmail someone. It’s almost as bad as me being accused of excluding pocs in my story Blind Date.-- which spoiler: has an MC that is Latina-Italian-American with a Mexican American LI and a Korean American best friend/roommate and a African American boss* and work bestie.

Totally excluding people of color though, amiright?


Oof, makes me a feel a little old. :joy:

It is a shame though that people will always complain about anything and everything, even if they’re totally wrong. Lucky us as authors I guess. :upside_down_face:


Yeah. And don’t feel old-- just think of it as we have a deeper bench of awesome shows and movies to watch :joy:


Oh. I got 2 back to back. One said I was going to hell for promoting LGBTQ characters in my story.
And then the next one threatened to stop reading my story if I didn’t me give the MC a same gender LI.
And in the same month, I was called a racist for limiting my half Asian / half white character to lighter skin tones.



A bump

I received one that made me chuckle, it was a complaint about my story being LGBTQ+ — my story is in the LGBTQ+ genre… :exploding_head:


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This was 3 messages from one person, the third one is the bad one, I didnt reply to it and just block her.