What’s this for?

I just got this profile just wondering what we do here

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First, let me start by saying, welcome to the Forums! Second, here, we chat, and we ask for tips, and tricks for episode coding, and we also request art for our stories too!


We could tell you or let you explore :smirk:

Before you start though, it’s a good thing to look at how the Forums work-


Forum General Rules:

The how-to of the forums tutorial:

Again, nice to meet you and I believe this is in the wrong category : )

Also, have a nice day and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any.

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Hey there @Jenniferbarger18, this is Sydney the Moderator and I’d like to welcome you to the Forums! :smile:

Moved this topic real quick to Episode Fan Community since it’s not about story creation. (you will see me doing this frequently; it’s not a reprimand, just a reminder :wink: )

Also make sure to check out the awesome topics linked by @JemU776 above! Feel free to ask me any forum questions you might have, and have fun! :wink: