What’s wrong with forum today?


Header is missing, look:


Jeremy and I are both experiencing this. It’s been this way for me since 9 am EDT. Still looking into it.


Same for me, I thought there’s something wrong with my phone…but I’m kind of glad that it happens to others too


I also have this problem. :confused:


Thanks for bringing this to our attention and it has been escalated :slight_smile:

Please feel free to keep leaving feedback and anything that you might feel is not correct. Thanks all :smiley:


Just noting that this is happening on PC as well, so it’s not a problem with phones :slight_smile:


everything is fine w me…

maybe cuz im using a laptop


Mine did that yesterday but it’s fixed for me now


Happy birthday :tada::birthday::balloon::gift:


Thank you!


Np btw how old are you now?


16 today!


Wow :open_mouth: that means you are 2 years older than me




Is that the picture thing because it is gone on all of my devices
EDIT: Working Today


Glad it is fixed! Thanks for letting us know about it and don’t hesitate to let us know again in the future.:smiley: Closing :peace_symbol: