What’s wrong with this image?

This image was disapproved

What’s wrong with it? They said it was copyright.

it looks like a video game background.

where did you get it?

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Depends where you got it from

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I put it to googl images and it is not listed on any free images site - dunno the origin but it seem to me almost sure this is not free image.

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I found that image here:

I would recommend for you to read up on copyright laws and how images can be used.

Threads to check out:

  1. Copyright laws simplified
  2. A message to everyone about using sites
  3. Be Careful Of Using Other Peoples Backgrounds
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Toasty’s suggestions:

Make sure to read the license and see if it’s free for commercial use. Read if you should give attribution or not (if yes, read how they want to be credited).

My favorite background creator is FlowerGriefer, so you can always send her a PM if you need something. Just remember to be careful when using images. Also, brand names like coca cola aren’t allowed either. If you do find an image free to use on Pixabay, but it has a brand name/logo like coke on it, it will not be accepted. If your background is accepted but violates a rule like it’s not free to use, then you should not use that background. At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to make sure the images you upload are allowed to be used (Episode even asks you to check mark the little box that says “By clicking this box and/or uploading any content, you represent and warrant that such content is original to you or that you otherwise own the rights to assign or grant to Episode Interactive the rights, title and interest in and to Your Content as set forth in the Episode Terms of Service without Episode Interactive incurring any third party obligations or liability arising out of its exercise of such rights and licenses.

Be careful and remember to respect the artworks of others and if you don’t know who to credit or where the image came from, best not to use it at all. Another tip is to name the background with the creator’s name or where it came from.

Hope all this helps ^^


I got it from a forum called “Apocalypse Backgrounds”

They claimed it was approved by them.

what does it even mean “approved” by them ? - approved is not the same as free for comertial use or n licence atc…

I recomend use only pictures from 100% free sights like pixabay.

Remember episode might not always find out that there is some issue with the picture regarding author rights - the responsibility is 100% on you to use only content that do not break author law.


When I mean approved, they said Episode approved it for them to use. So I was kinda irritated when it got denied bc I coded something for that specific background

ah I understand now - well as I say above even if episode approves it automaticly doesn’t mean it is not violating author rights. I is not in their power to 100% check all pictures - therefore is there the disclaimer that the autor confirms (aca is responsible) for the content to not violate the authors rights…

Unfortunatelly lot of people do get random pictures from where ever…and from time to time it might happend it will be approved even not being “free”…people than repost it and make other therefore believe it is free because it was approved - but this are 2 different things.

This is actually the reason I almost never use backgrounds from other people because thay do not know often the origin and cant 100% confirm it is really free. :confused:


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