What’s your biggest fear?



I’m not sure what made me think of this topic but it just popped up in my head and I decided to post on here about it. This may sound ridiculous but I am afraid of cockroaches. Also, the thing is I live in Florida, so, there’s all different types of them here. I’m honestly not all that sure on why I’m scared of them, I just know that when I come in contact with them, I flee the room and get someone to kill it. :woman_shrugging:t5:

What about you? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That there is an old man watching me through my window, and there is a microphone attached to my backpack. I’m not kidding. This terrifies me. Doesn’t help that a registered *** offender can see into my backyard, and the bathroom has no curtins… Also that my friend’s parents hired someone to shoot me. They really hate me… I don’t leave the house much.


My biggest fear would have to be big crowds of people I always get so anxious and paranoid around them because I feel like everyone is either laughing or talking about me and I just hate when people I don’t know get close to me


Probably being murdered,raped,kidnapped or stalked


It’s hard for me to say what my worst fear is. I’ve already faced it, and after you go through that nothing is quite the same when it comes to fear? I could just say I’m terrified of it happening again. So, I guess finding a loved one dead? But after that, everything is much smaller and less threatening. I used to be terrified of abandonment, but then everyone abandoned me and I survived, so that’s not even a big deal anymore. (Can I sound more emo? Haha. It’s really not a big, bad, painful thing anymore, no worries. I’m good.)

I hate cockroaches. I lived in a house by a field and we’d get ones the size of my pointer finger, then when I was homeless I crashed somewhere where…

don't read this if you're scared of roaches.

I had to wake up and brush the roaches off me a few times a night, and you couldn’t eat anything sitting still because the roaches would get into it.

Anyway, yeah, roaches do freak me out. I have a phobia of heights, I kind of freeze up. But that’s about it. Maybe sexual assault, because it doesn’t matter how many times that happens, you’re never less afraid.


I’m a Germophobic, so you could say I’m scared of a lot of stuff. XD


It used to be needles, but now it’s having someone I know find me on episode :no_mouth:


Being shot. :sweat_smile:


Most things in life :joy: but off the top of my head, something happening so that I physically couldn’t do rhythmic gymnastics or dance anymore.


That is one of my biggest fears! I’ve said things I didn’t want anyone I know to how on episode :grin:


I am most scared of lizards. Ghosts, injections, every other scary thing I can take on easily. But lizards just do it for me.


I’m scared of rejection,loneliness,someone lying about loving me, birds, horses, creepy guys that stare at me, my old history teacher, dying some painful way, rap snacks going outta business


I am fear of snake don’t like them some time I have bad dream snake I don’t like can’t stand them .I don’t like look at them at all.




I would have to say my biggest fear is losing something important. Like, suddenly having them ripped from your life.
My second would have to be rejection though


I’m afraid of many things… Dolls for example are very creepy.


This is going to sound so stupid but The ocean.

Seeing things like this freaks me out. Seeing new but old species getting discovered in the ocean is so weird. 95% of the ocean is unexplored…theres no telling what other species are in there :confounded:


I guess wasps? I mean if I see one I’m out of there. :grimacing:


eek :see_no_evil: doesn’t scare me, but it makes me… apprehensive of when I go into the sea (far out, that is, like if I’m snorkelling or something).


I used to be terrified of wasps as well :blush: you’re definitely not the only one lol. I guess, as time went by, my fear grew less. I still kinda freeze and flinch a bit when they come close though.