What’s your biggest fear?


I was stung on the cheek when I was a child so I guess it’s laid dormant in me till I was about 13 and we went on holiday in the summer to this village where there were thousands of wasps and bees. I’ll just start panicking if someone spots one :joy:


Someone knew I had a phobia of wasps and they said, ‘ohmygod there’s a wasp ohmygod watch out’ and I was scared to death and I screamed and then they started laughing cuz there was no wasp and it was a joke :sob::sob:


I hate the cockroaches at night when fishing they come out. Huge nasty creatures. I have a phobia of the big ones, In Puerto Rico they will fly all over the place and crawl on you when I would shower.
By biggest fear is being an meal for an animal. Especially shark.


Aw, that’s so sad. That person must be real mean


Nah, he’s a really good friend of mine. We prank each other so bad :rofl: I attacked him with a tissue box after that though, I got my revenge :smiling_imp:


That sounds a lot like my family actually.
We hide around corners and shoot each other with hair bands with stormtrooper aim. Occasionally we use red noses from those rose nose day things. Or we just hide behind door and scream to scare the hell out of each other


Yeah :joy::joy:


Death by freak accident


that i’ll wake up with lots of cravings for coffee only to find out that there’s no milk in the refrigerator

that’s a scenario i don’t want to experience


That sounds terrible! I would hate that (but if you replaced coffee with tea)


it is terrible, especially when you don’t have time to buy milk or when you actually have time but the stores are closed

ain’t nobody got time to buy coffee… also coffee in sweden is very expensive

so a safe card is to never run out of milk haha!


Cockroaches and height :tired_face: :sob:



I live with my family, and I remember moving into a new place some years ago. I was with my dad the entire 1st day (I live with my mom, so I sometimes visit my dad) so barely any of my things were in the house. I had to sleep on the couch. So, it’s late and I’m about to head to sleep. I remember closing my eyes, and when I was 1 step away from dreamworld, I heard this ‘thunk’. Like you know when you throw something small at a couch cushion? It’ sounded like that. I ignored it for a bit, even though my mind was raging telling me to open my eyes. My stepdad came in the living room about to ask me something when he yelled there was a palmetto bug (a different type of roach) like right there by my face. If only you could see how fast I flew off that couch. My little brother killed it, and let’s just say no sleep was had that night. :slightly_smiling_face:


My second biggest fear is basically any type of big body of water. Well, on my fear list, cockroaches and oceans constantly switch spots a lot. But I feel you, I can’t stand thinking of what could be lurking in those waters. :neutral_face:


Cockroaches have no respect. Especially the ones that fly. Some years ago at my dad’s old place, the place was literally crawling with them. (To put it in better words, the house needed renovating. The only reason he kept it was because it was his parents house and I guess they gave it to him before they died.) You could never keep too much stuff in one area or they’ll hide there. I remember my brother and I was getting something to drink one time, and a flying roach and a big roach tried just appeared at the other side of the kitchen. They tried attacking us, and I literally hopped ontop of the toaster, flinging my arms around like crazy, and screaming bloody murder. That’s one of my most traumatic experiences, I’m getting the heebie jeebies just thinking about it again. :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m not that scared of them but I’d do the same if I ever encounter any.


Blergh. I would have legitimately floated off the couch like I had grown freaking wings and been out the door. I have a bad enough time when they crawl on my legs! Crashing where I did was a nightmare.

not for the faint of heart, cockroach-wise

There were thousands of them on the floor every night. Mostly little ones, but it was awful. You’d hear “crunching” noises as you walked. Once one fell out of my hair and into the frying pan while I was cooking.

I hate roaches so freaking much. Rats, too. My old house had a rat infestation every few years. I stayed up all night watching Supernatural and listening to them crawl around the floor below me.


So, this isn’t a fear so much as I find it disgusting and creepy and awful. When I hear something crunch if like, I accidentally stepped on like a cricket or something


I’m afraid of insects it even became a phobia :slightly_frowning_face:


I was going to warn you not to read my hidden bit, but looks like its too late D:

I love leaves and snow crunching under my feet, but bugs? Not so nice.