What’s your biggest fear?


Oh my goodness, that’s…wow I’m speechless.

I’m not sure what I would have done if I were in your shoes. My experiences are nothing compared to yours…


It’s really not stupid. I can’t stand the ocean, looking at it makes me feel scared, even the photos.

It’s not my biggest fear but, I just think what I would do if I was there, and it’s terrifying because I can’t swim too. :worried:
Same thing goes for space too. I guess I’m scared of things not being in control and the endless ocean and space is just terrifying to me.


I’ll be honest, I’m more afraid of frogs than anything, If i were to hear one on my window I just might cry or start praying out of fear. Pictures alone give me chills

It’s crazy I know, cause I really don’t have any other fears… But I cannot understand why they freak me out soooo much! :dizzy_face:

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My biggest fear is VIwrites1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was always afraid of spiders (except the tiny ones), needles (I have tattoos, though :,D but that’s another kind of, “invisible” needle :,D), fish swimming next to me and touching my leg in a lake or a sea with non-clear water xD. When I was a kid I was also afraid of being abducted by aliens, but now it’s rather a dream than a fear. xD
BUT! My biggest fear since I’ve become a mother is losing my child.


Probably death. But I’m letting go of that.

Maybe being raped, kidnapped, sold as a sex slave…

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Ewwwww :scream: I’m not even scared of them and I found this scary :joy::joy:


I just watch a video on twitter about space today and it scared the hell out of me :sob: the unknown is so scary.


One of my biggest fears:

My computer shutting down and me losing everything.


My Sims game crashing when I forgot to save.


My biggest fear is anyone knowing I have a crush on my OC that I drew.


One of the worst moments of my life, when the romantic getaway I built for my third generation Sim to be proposed to caught fire and trapped the Sims inside with no way to escape but death…the split second after I had saved.


getting exposed by lion , dokkaebi and jackal

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My biggest fear is of bugs. Not just spiders or whatever. I’m terrified of all bugs.
Gnats freak me out.
Ladybugs won’t leave you alone.
Butterflies have scared the heck out of me since I saw that episode of Sponge Bob.
And grasshoppers jump on you out of no where and cause you to throw your brand new phone and shatter the screen protector.

Terrifying thought that I always have around bugs

I once fell asleep in my back yard and woke up to three daddy long legs crawling up my chest towards my face.

Since then, any time I see a bug, I imagine thousands of them crawling into my mouth and/or nose and suffocating me until I die.

I think the old Fear Factor show might have something to do with that.

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I think I have a brand new fear now. Well, guess who won’t be going into the fear simulation in Divergent

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I’m so so sorry


Nah, it’s alright. I was already afraid of bugs somewhat anyways


I’m afraid of almost every bug in the world. If I see a was, cockroach, spider etc. I’m out of there like a light. I actually have this thing in the summer when my room get’s super hot, I have to open my window to cool it off, so if a night fly or a wasp get’s in my room I take my stuff and leave my room, close the room and go to the living room to sleep.
Once I was eating candy and I saw a spider on the bag, I literally threw a pillow, ran away crying. I’m so scared of them.

Also I’m a bit afraid of blood and hights, and injections. It’s weird that I’m not afraid of blood when it comes from me, but if someone is blessding like a lot I get super grossed out. Even if it’s be just a nosebleed

With hights I’m afraid to get close to the edge, I’m afraid that when I get close somehow I’ll fall.

And of course I am deadly afraid of sea creatures, yes even fish. If I’m swimming and I can’t see bemeath the water I start to panic and I need to go away I’m afraid there’s gonna come something and that something will do something to me.


If I lean over a railing, I feel like my feet are lifting off the ground and pulling me over the ledge. *Shudders
It’s scary and then I grip the railing so hard it hurts


Falling off the escalator or stairs, my grip always gets loose when I am on an escalator. :persevere:

Elevator > Escalator