What’s your deepest darkest fear?



Alright, I’m mid way through my story for the Thriller: contest. I want to make it more terrifying but I can’t seem to think of anything.
What makes you rethink everything? What makes you freeze with terror? What makes you unable to sleep at night?

Tell me something your really scared of…it may give me a prompt.:grin::heart:

Thank you to everyone who does!


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Sorry :sob: @Sydney_H


Ceramic dolls :scream:


Spiders. :joy:




The thought of slipping in the shower with my soap, dying at that instant, and people finding my naked, unshaved body in the shower TERRIFIES me to death bro.




People forgetting me… and wee, death


Omg same! :joy:


im not afraid of this but include a jump scare of some sort. :slight_smile:


Snakes really terrify me! And sometimes, I just get really scared when walking from one room to another if the light isn’t on between the rooms :see_no_evil:
Also, when I’m watching horror movies, jump scares are the ultimate way to scare me hahahah


Walking into my room, or any room, and having the fear that someone is behind the door.


Knowing that someone dear to me is in danger and not being able to help them/be there in time. Generally someone I love/my family being hurt or in danger. That really scares me to hell and back.


That’s really scary oh man…:scream:


Seeyingsomeo e dead


Dang it


Dogs. Just dogs. If I see one imma move my lazy ass far, far away


Doggos are da cutest!!! I have two big dogs and they both think they are lap dogs :joy::joy:


I would run away from a puppy. dont underestimate the fear :joy: