What’s your favorite animation?

I’m pretty sure there aren’t any current threads on this, so what’s your favorite animation? One that’s funny or can be used in unique ways, or one that’s just cool? Mine is react_sit_confused. That face is hilarious to me.


That Limelight react_sit_confused animation is the counterpart of the ending of the INK flirt_fingersnap animation, so overused it stopped being funny.

Still guilty of using both every now and then though.

I do not have favourite animations. It all depends on the dialogue or context. When animations are well used, any of them can become hilarious or expressive enough especially in INK in my opinion.


I don’t see it overused. But then again I like it too dang much

My favorite:


The kick one is really nice for fight scenes, even without the receive

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Yep :sunglasses::boom:

My favourite limelight animation is the walk_sing_energetic_loop. I think that animation is so funny I absolutely love it and I don’t really like much of the limelight animations.
My favourite ink animation is dismayed on ink male characters and the cry_sniff_loop animation. They make me laugh too lol.

OMG I love that one :joy: :partying_face:


Huh, I don’t see a walk sing energetic loop. I see a walk sing backwards one and a sing energetic one, tho

The male scream animation in both Ink and Limelight makes me crack up :joy:


— episode characters


Oh, looks like it only shows up for female characters, oops

Ha ha, that’s OK it happens, i think for next time, you’ll look at both genders in regards to animations since they can be different, before posting that you couldn’t find it :joy: :heart:

Yeah I’m an idiot lol

Nah, you’re not, dw :+1:

I’m dying omg :rofl: :joy:

My favourite animation is probably laugh_chuckle for ink men and talk_suggest for ink women

I don’t know about ll because I don’t use it to write

Some of the laugh animations are really great. For LL, laugh_crackup on females is my fave

Flirt_fingerbite will never not be funny

My favourite LL animation is the blush_shy. It just looks so cute for both males and females

And my fave Ink animation is probably the idle_awkward for females

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