What’s your favorite clothing item?

hey! I thought this would be a fun little thread to do: show your favorite clothing item from episode!
you can also do underrated or overrated items too

here’s mine:

I rarely see these pants used and I find them so cool!


Could it be from Ink too?

I really love Long Sleeved Loose Sweater Jean Shorts Grey Blue and Collared Sweater Pleated Skirt Cotton Pink Grey-
They are something I would wear irl and they look so comfy :pleading_face:

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i like the flannel patterned blazers because it really fits in with my story and how my characters are rich high school students. plus, they’re kinda cute. i also really like they collared sweater paired with the skirt. those outfits are really cute and seem comfy🥺

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yeah of course!