What’s your favorite conspiracy theory?

I love conspiracy theories and find them so interesting to read and hear about. My favorite is the Malaysian flight 370. I hear so many theories on it and I personally think that it landed somewhere in the ocean. Considering only 5% of it has been explored, there’s a good chance it’s down there somewhere lol. The alien theories are interesting too. I 100% believe in aliens because there’s no way we’re the only beings in this universe.


Aliens !!! I’m watching a documentary on a man named Stan romanek, it’s about aliens and stuff😁

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im bored so y not :yawning_face: :woman_shrugging:

corona is man made and we all gonna die. Also aliens are real but they see how weird and disguesting we all are so they hide. but check up on us evry once in a while.
The sun is gonna eat the world alive and werent gonna now
When we die. We are re made and our mermoies are wipped. They but us in a women’s stoumach and bam ur re born. So no one is actually themselves :sneezing_face:


I read somewhere that whenever you feel deja vu it’s your past memories from another life


oh my gawd…
i just made this up while i was writing :woman_facepalming:

That were all just part of a social experiment and the government is just testing us. (The birds are surveillance cameras lol)


uh i love the theory that the titanic wasn’t the titanic

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i love the netflix food documentaries haha theyre so extreme like fr a I gonna die bc I drank milk this week

Epstein didn’t kill himself

Lol but there is a theory about that

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we all know dat :skull_and_crossbones:

What if we are actually meant to be immortal but there’s something in the air that cuts down our years. Breathing it in all the time makes us die early. I don’t believe this but it’s interesting🤷‍♀️

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The whole Matrix theory. Is the world a simulation. Does free will even exist. Are all decisions pre decided. Is deja just a glitch in the matrix.

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