What’s Your Favorite Story?


What’s your favorite story? I have a few:

  1. Adrenaline
  2. Dirty, Sexy Teenagers
  3. On Tour
  4. Perfect Pitches: Soccer Moms
  5. Debby Gold
  6. Maid For You
  7. The Reaper Twins
  8. Nanny for a year.
  9. Becoming Queen Bee
  10. Dead Silence
  11. Star Power: The Rise and Fall of Noah Cage

I have so much more, just check my favorites section in Episode.
Comment your fav stories below!


Dripping Mascara


btw, i was the 1st reader
Ps: You’re a diamond, they can’t break you <3




I have tons :joy::joy:

  • His heart
  • other side
  • Adrenaline
  • The new girl
  • beyond the stage
  • pretty woman
  • Dirty sexy teenagers
  • Slumber party
  • Blake
  • Maid for you
  • Apartment 143
  • My episode lover
    Plus many more​:joy::joy:


These are mine:
-Dead 7
-Babysitting The Bad Boy

  • Moving in

  1. Drive me Insane
  2. Drive me Insane 2
  3. Oh, what is a girl to do?
  4. Dripping Mascara
  5. Adrenaline
  6. Enslaved
  7. My Aspirations
  8. Meet the Adams
  9. Party Girls
  10. Party Girls: REHAD
  11. Pain into Blessings
  12. Until death do us part
  13. Torturous

  1. Godsend
  2. The Doberman
  3. The bunny boiler
  4. The abomination
  5. four kingdoms
  6. Aliens
  7. My charming vampire

All of these are so good! And in ink style.
If anyone has similar stories to these they would recommend please let me know! :slight_smile:


My favorite story is:
Adrenaline - By Evil Ebonni


I love that story! :blush:


Meet The Adams
Demon Roomates
Hit & Run
Fake Love, True Love
The Secret Of Rain
Reality Star, The Perfect Match
The Last Goodbye
The Transformation
Who’s That Girl
I Hate Zombies
How To Be Funny
Cupids Arrow: Curmudgeon
HAUNTED: Mentality
Crush On Mr Bad Boy
A Dangerous Obsession
H&V The Magicians Code
Therapy 101
Love Me Black & Blue
The Curmudgeon Saga
Dead 7
H&V Pregnant By My Twins Student Gang Leader Dad
I Despise You
The Curse Of Charlie
Six Impossible Things


DJ: The Tension


I’ve heard of that story…:thinking:


I really love Dead Silence. Sierra is the best.


I agree. :smile:


I like the story He Can’t Tame Me.


Coolio, so do I!


Blake, My Episode Lover, Becoming Queen Bee, Envy, Galileo School of Magic, and much more!


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