What’s your favorite video game?



I really love Life Is Strange, it’s definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played (and I think it’s better than LIS Before The Storm fite me). I had such deep feelings while playing and after i finished it in a couple of days I could’nt stop thinking about it. If I could live in a video game for the rest of my life it’d be Life Is Strange.

I also like The Last Of Us and Until Dawn.



(Art is done by Sakimichan on DeviantArt btw)


Dragon Age-it’s my favorite video game of all time : )


My favorite video game is Transistor by Supergiant Games. Absolutely gorgeous, as are their other two games.


It does look gorgeous! I like the design


I like life is strange as well. I also play videos games such as fortnite and the Sims 4. When I was younger my friend and I was obsessed with Minecraft.


Yes!! Mine too! I also love Mass effect. I have a dragon age and mass effect tattoo


Sims 4 is cool for the CC, but I think sims 3 is a lot better in my opinion (custom content and all that)

I was obsessed with this game called club penguin lol


I used to play Club Penguin too. Also tried Playdo? Playdough i cant remember but they were like stick figures in this social area. And then i upgraded to habbo hotel lol.


@Killer0Succubus Duuude, I bought a new computer just to play Mass Effect Andromeda. I heard the new Dragon Age and Mass Affect are being developed, I just hope Bioware doesn’t fuck everything up like he did with Andromeda and Inquisition.


I just heard that yesterday too! I am currently playing Andromeda and im so sad. It is not good. I heard that they pulled all of their lead designers and writers from andromeda to work on Anthem and look how that turned out.

Hopefully they dont make that mistake again. Although, i am excited for Anthem.


Like actual clay? lol not sure. But yes I have played Club Penguin, Fantage, Sims 3, Stardoll and Barbie.com lol


No not clay:) It was called playdough. You made your own person and they didnt really do anything. Just these small characters standing there and you talked. So lame but so addictive. Im wondering why Stardoll sounds familiar…


OOOHH, nope never heard of that then. And yeah stardoll was a pretty popular game back then, I loved it so much because they had the best styles and I remember when I got my first membership (for a week lol) on Christmas and I was sooo happy


I stopped playing some weeks ago after I made the first colony because of all the quests soffucating me, I swear I felt stressed everytime I try to open that game.


Has anyone ever played Skyrim? or Diablo? those were pretty good games


Does anyone on here know about Free Fire ??


isn’t that a battle royale game


This is dumb but I love Mortal Kombat (and Injustice :3)


DUDE, I love mortal kombact! I love the fatalities and how gorey it can be