What’s your favourite enemies to lovers story

I want to read a book that’s already finished and where the relationship isn’t toxic. I do not like bully to lover


I think Toothbrush by Lucas counts. It’s one of my favorites on the app.


Bad Influence. It’s one of the best stories i’ve read on episode, I love the descriptions and I love how romantic the love interest and main characters relationship are, I think you should definitely give it a read, :butterfly:


I love Bet On Her by Emily it’s really good.

They’re not so much “enemies” in the beginning per se but I think you might enjoy I Need a Therapist by Clem and Austentatious by Butters.

I also thought Flirting with the Villian by earlgreytea was/is a good enemies to lovers story, despite it being an Original.


Anyone But You but it’s not necessarily an enemies to lovers in my opinion, they just bicker but it’s cute and funny :rofl: 🩷

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My story is just started but I promise it’s what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t start reading now, keep it in your faves list for when it’s complete!

I’m reading Unlikely Places. Check it out: Episode Writer Portal

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I have a new story out called Broken