What’s your favourite episode story?


Decided to create this text post for two reasons:

A. I’m interested to know what your favourite stories are

B. I need stories to read and what better way to find some than asking people what their all time faves are!

As of now my personal favourite is: He can’t tame me.
Every time I open the app it’s the first story I check to see has been updated!
There are a lot of stories that came in close second but I’m limiting this to one favourite only :slight_smile:

What are your favourites?


My absolute favourite, the one I fangirl over like mad, is Four Kingdoms by PL
But I also just started reading The Blank Page and it’s so good, it has a male MC too and has a unique plot line, it’s great!


I’ve read both of those stories!
I thoroughly enjoyed FK. Good choice.


The Ruby Tiara by Wincy
StarCrossed by rAi
Moonlit Feather by Wincy


Up to date with ruby tiara. lOvEd iT. Definitely one of my close seconds!
Haven’t read starcrossed but I shall check it out!
Still reading moonlit feathers. I like it so far.


My all time fave :heart_eyes::blush:


My favourite stories are The shadows and Dangerous Obsessions! :heart_eyes: :grin:


My favourite by far is Adrenaline. OMG I love it so much and I have the biggest episode crush on Nick Ryan


My favorite Episode story is and will always be… It’s Just An Illusion: All Three!


My favourite story is “Chain Reaction” all 3 seasons!

lol I know that some people may disagree, this is just my opinion