What’s your Halloween costume

Ok so I love Halloween and the truth is your never too old to go trick or treating. Me and my friends go every year as a group costume! This year we are doing the scooby doo gang. I’m scooby doo! I just think it’s so fun to get an excuse to dress up silly!

So what are you going as for halloweeen?

Edit: now my and two other friends are going as cows. The costume has the utter right there in the stomach for everyone to see!


For me, I’m going to be in my Bunny outfit sitting down with candy binge watching Netflix


Other wise know as a couch potato!

I mean I could get some potato chips

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I’m going as a zombie with some face paint, fake blood etc :wink:

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We don’t celebrate Halloween in my country, unfortunately :((

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Missing out boo!

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I’m making my own (just gonna hand out candy canes)
I have never really been a huge fan of halloween :sweat_smile: this year I got a santa shirt, and hat, a red tutu, christmas light stocking, gonna do christmas tree brows with candy cane eye shadow (plus lips), I’m gonna shout merry christmas at people :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m being Shuri because WAKANDA FOREVER

(and because she’s the first disney princess ((not counting Tiana because I couldn’t match her hair)) I will actually look like)



Love it

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Who cares boo!

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You do u

So! What are you guys dressing up as this year?

I’m going as Rust Lord, from Fortnite. Yeah, yeah. Fortnite. But it’ll still be super cool!
I’m going to have a chug jug (x) for a candy bucket, with some other props with it, stuff I’ve made myself, like the plunja pickaxe, a port-a-fort, some mini shield potions, and a slurp juice jar that I’ll use as my water bottle!

The actual character I’m dressing up as :

Rust Lord


So, what about you guys? What are you going to be?

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I’m gonna be vampire David Bowie! So I can be something familiar and bloody at the same time. Hopefully it’ll look good.

I’m going to be a native American lol like Pocahontas :crazy_face:

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I’m going as Spider-Gwen this Halloween ever since I fell in love with her costume

You might recognize her from the Into the Spiderverse trailer ~

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! That’s lit! :sunglasses:

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Either Austin Powers, Ash from evil dead, a gnome because I like them or maybe a really tired person. I haven’t decided yet.

I’m going to be a queen who sits on my throne (aka chair) watching amusement that royally delights me (aka YouTube Videos) while eating exquisite food (aka HALLOWEEN candy) :rofl:

P.S Happy Early Halloween Everyone! :jack_o_lantern: :orange_heart: