What’s your Halloween costume



You do u


So! What are you guys dressing up as this year?

I’m going as Rust Lord, from Fortnite. Yeah, yeah. Fortnite. But it’ll still be super cool!
I’m going to have a chug jug (x) for a candy bucket, with some other props with it, stuff I’ve made myself, like the plunja pickaxe, a port-a-fort, some mini shield potions, and a slurp juice jar that I’ll use as my water bottle!

The actual character I’m dressing up as :

Rust Lord


So, what about you guys? What are you going to be?


I’m gonna be vampire David Bowie! So I can be something familiar and bloody at the same time. Hopefully it’ll look good.


I’m going to be a native American lol like Pocahontas :crazy_face:


I’m going as Spider-Gwen this Halloween ever since I fell in love with her costume

You might recognize her from the Into the Spiderverse trailer ~


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! That’s lit! :sunglasses:


Either Austin Powers, Ash from evil dead, a gnome because I like them or maybe a really tired person. I haven’t decided yet.


I’m going to be a queen who sits on my throne (aka chair) watching amusement that royally delights me (aka YouTube Videos) while eating exquisite food (aka HALLOWEEN candy) :rofl:

P.S Happy Early Halloween Everyone! :jack_o_lantern: :orange_heart:


Scarlet from the Lunar Chronicles.

Photos of her

My wig and hoodie


I’m going as a goddess of the dead. My makeup for it will be amazing! I’ve already practiced it several times lol


You read Scarlet?! Did you read the other books as well? And Renegades? It’s by the same author.

Anyway, I’m going as Scarlet Witch ( from the movies because flip no am I wearing what she is in the comics )


I’m going to be the Queen of Hearts this year. I’m making my costume (with help cuz I only sorta know how to sew) I plan to go all out with makeup this year (I’ve never worn makeup before so this is gonna be fun…)


I read the whole series except fairest and stars above cause I was waiting for my birthday and luckily enough I was given 50 dollars to go to chapters or indigo to but books


Lol my name on here hehe. You must master screaming off with your head now!


YES!!! I wanted to go with something that everyone might know so they know what I am instantly. But since I’m making it it may turn out to be a wreck… who knows…



I was the queen of hearts in a play a couple years ago lol, but I don’t remember what my costume was. I remember butting hearts on my skirt with tape so I could take them off and put them in an 'off with your head’s jar(like a sweat jar) Aaaa nd I’m sure your costume will be great!


Thanks! I’m hoping to even get one of those wigs iconic Queen of Hearts wig. I got to go… I unfortunately have a curfew :sweat::unamused:


Oof. Night!


I wanna be a vampire, Messi from Daria Cohen animation. Shes amazing! If you dont know who Daria Cohen is, my guess is check out her Youtube Channel @Daria Cohen. She does animations, and her vampyr animations is a series, but shes figuring out what to do, etc.


Just my old, loser self probably (I am too lazy and fussy to decide on a costume :innocent:).