What’s your Halloween costume



Scarlet from the Lunar Chronicles.

Photos of her

My wig and hoodie


I’m going as a goddess of the dead. My makeup for it will be amazing! I’ve already practiced it several times lol


You read Scarlet?! Did you read the other books as well? And Renegades? It’s by the same author.

Anyway, I’m going as Scarlet Witch ( from the movies because flip no am I wearing what she is in the comics )


I’m going to be the Queen of Hearts this year. I’m making my costume (with help cuz I only sorta know how to sew) I plan to go all out with makeup this year (I’ve never worn makeup before so this is gonna be fun…)


I read the whole series except fairest and stars above cause I was waiting for my birthday and luckily enough I was given 50 dollars to go to chapters or indigo to but books


Lol my name on here hehe. You must master screaming off with your head now!


YES!!! I wanted to go with something that everyone might know so they know what I am instantly. But since I’m making it it may turn out to be a wreck… who knows…



I was the queen of hearts in a play a couple years ago lol, but I don’t remember what my costume was. I remember butting hearts on my skirt with tape so I could take them off and put them in an 'off with your head’s jar(like a sweat jar) Aaaa nd I’m sure your costume will be great!


Thanks! I’m hoping to even get one of those wigs iconic Queen of Hearts wig. I got to go… I unfortunately have a curfew :sweat::unamused:


Oof. Night!


I wanna be a vampire, Messi from Daria Cohen animation. Shes amazing! If you dont know who Daria Cohen is, my guess is check out her Youtube Channel @Daria Cohen. She does animations, and her vampyr animations is a series, but shes figuring out what to do, etc.


Just my old, loser self probably (I am too lazy and fussy to decide on a costume :innocent:).


In our country, we don’t have Halloween. Can u fckin believe it!!!


same im just watching americans have fun lol


Cheshire from DC. Now all I need is a hot red archer to go with me. :smiling_imp:


Boo omg!!! You have to send me a pic of your makeup lol. I think I’m going to do what did last year and dress up as a fish then fallout of the doorway and onto the concreate. My dad found it on the Internet last year so we stuffed my costume with pillows so it wouldn’t hurt. I looked stupid but it was funny! (We usually have teenagers coming around in our block instead of kids so it’s ok and if we have kids my mom isn’t dressed as a witch so they can have there candy.


This is so far makeup will be done on halloween


Yo will have to tell me the reactions


I’ll be me, that’s scary enough XD But I remember this guy (last halloween ) couldn’t be bothered to put effort into what he was going to be so he decided to be a hypocrite and to clarify that , he always replied TO EVERYONE: don’t call other people hypocrite, hypocrite. XD


Slllllaaaaayyyy that Santa costume on Halloween!